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I present to you the extremely attractive female characters of Fullmetal Alchemist 

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Meanwhile, in Latveria…


Meanwhile, in Latveria…

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maryjanewatson replied to your post:OKAY I KNOW I SAID I NEEDED TO SLEEP BUT: Cute…
THAT’S TOO CUTE he’d be terrible to have in bed as a kid too like kicking everyone while he sleeps and somehow managing to turn himself completely horizontal by the time sue and reed wake up they’re not amused (a little amused)

He’d also refuse to sleep, asking super annoying questions,and Reed always answer, because he is Reed. He just pretend he is asleep when Johnny asks him why he is in his sister’s bed.

It takes some time, but after Reed explains to him how lightning works, Johnny gets less scared. And years later, when Franklin turn out to be afraid of lightning too, Johnny let him sleep next to him on stormy night (and sue is really happy because it means no more kids interrupting her sleep)

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OKAY I KNOW I SAID I NEEDED TO SLEEP BUT: Cute Storm siblings headcanon. We need more. I like the idea of Johnny being afraid of lightning (get it? is name is Storm so LOL IRONY) and sleeping in Sue’s bed everytime there is a storm. When she started dating Reed (the canon age of everyone changes all the time, in my headcanon Johnny was still really young when they started dating), he did not gave a shit and still invited himself in their bed everytime there was lightning.

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frederickchiltron: i don't know a lot of F4 but Darla and Johnny probably get drunk a lot and sing badly but they think they're cool

This is pretty much canon that Johnny is terrible at singing/dancing while thinking he is super cool, so I can totally see that! And I’m all for him and Darla hanging out. Being bros. Talking about their dorky haircuts

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Okay I need to sleep. But thank you all for your cute little asks, you’re fantastic :3

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queenspritzee: Oh my gods I just had a cute moment reading that ask about the Mario headcanon with the Storm siblings, and just, I wonder if Johnny had that little brother wants to be a cool princess like his sister because she's so awesome moment. Cue cute dress ups with Sue being Peach and Johnny being Daisy. Running around pretending they're saving the kingdoms. Lays down and clutches face.

why would you make it even cuter are you serious, aaaaah

i’m sure johnny had one of those moments. He’d never admit it now, but Sue was his role model, he’d totally wanted to be as cool as she is uwu

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fantastic-reed: Johnny gives it to Ben to give to Reed because he knows that Reed can't stay mad at Ben. Ben is in on the joke and knows exactly how much it annoys Reed, but he feigns genuine generosity whenever he gives him some. "Heya, Stretcho! Check out what your ol' pal Ben picked up-- just for you! It was a bit of a hike, but I just wanted to do somethin' nice for my best pal!"

" why are you crying i thought you LOVED saltwater taffy??"

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